Stuck in the spin cycle when it comes to your dreams?  Does your vision allude you?  Can’t get past go no matter how hard you try?

It may be time to tune into that voice inside your head and listen to what it is saying.  That voice, aka your “self-image” is what you REALLY believe to be true about yourself.  It is the mental picture of the kind of person you are and it dictates your actions.

In his book Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz says – “All of your actions, feelings, behaviors – even your abilities – are always consistent with this self-image.”

So if your self-image says you are valuable then you will act accordingly.  If you feel worthless on the inside, your actions will mirror that belief.

Our ability or inability to succeed is directly connected to our self-image which was built by our childhood experiences.  If you have a vision for your life to do something significant, the voice must match that vision.  If the voice does NOT match the vision, all is not lost, with work, you can change your self-image.  You can reverse those negative beliefs and replace them with new healthy ones that will help you achieve your vision.

Here are a few tips to help build a positive self-image:

  1. Listen to your thoughts – our thoughts lead straight to our beliefs. Anytime you think something negative about yourself, counter it with a positive statement.  Police your thoughts so when you hear the negative emerge, remind yourself – “Hey, I am not going there with you!”  Then, follow it up with a positive thought or affirmation.
  2. Affirm yourself daily – there are many useful ways to incorporate affirmations in to rebuilding your self-image. Record your affirmations on your phone and play them back while driving.  Write them down and read them out loud every morning.  Repeat them daily until you believe them.
  3. Do not compare yourself to others – only compete with yourself. What other people are doing is none of your business.  You are unique and have your own path to follow.  Focus on growing every day.
  4. Have a clear mental image of your vision – the person that you want to become thinks and acts differently than the person you are today. Take time daily to imagine your vision for your life.  How will you spend your time?  How will you look?  How do you act?  Imagine how you feel.  Experience the emotion of fulfillment.  Live it out in your imagination because you have to be that person before you become that person.

You self-image directly impacts your ability to live a full and abundant life.  Work on manifesting the life you want by aligning your voice with your vision.  Does your voice match the vision for your life?  If not, tune in and start making changes today.



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