Your purpose is the reason that you were born.  It is your “why.”

A person who lives in alignment with his purpose is enriched, fulfilled and is more likely to reach his potential than someone who does not know his purpose.

We all were created for a reason and have infinite potential to do great things.

Airplanes have wheels so they can be driven on land, but they were created to fly, and only operate at their highest and best use when soaring high above the clouds.

Just like planes, far too many people spend their lives driving on land because they don’t have purpose.  They never reach their potential because they are unaware that they were created to fly.

I can admit that I struggled with understanding my purpose for several years.  The question, “Why am I here?” haunted me and I searched incessantly for the answer.  Over and over again, I got these grand ideas and start businesses because I thought I found the answer.  I called myself a serial entrepreneur, who had multiple sets of business cards with different titles.  My efforts were fruitless because after throwing myself and resources in to a venture, I would soon realize that I was still not happy because it did not fill me.

After several years of going around and around, I sat down and looked at my passions.  I asked myself, what do you enjoy doing?  What doesn’t feel like work when I am doing it?  What energizes me?  At the end of those questions (and a few others), I was able to uncover my purpose.  I finally understood my why!

So, why is it so important to follow your passions?

We are intrinsically motivated by our passions.  They energize us and we love being engaged in them.  We operate as our best selves when we are doing something that fills us and brings us joy.  When you follow your passions they will often lead to the reason why you were created.  They are big clues to how you are programmed.

Uncovering your purpose starts with truthful examination of yourself.  Being honest and knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

6 ½ Questions That Will Bring You Closer To Your Truth

If you want to uncover your purpose, the following 6 ½ questions will help you better understand what drives and brings you closer to your truth.  Spend some time thinking about them, don’t rush your answers.  Also, be aware of how the answers make you feel.  Do you smile when you acknowledge the thing that you really want to do? 

  1. Do you like your current occupation?


  1. What would you like to do? (Often our purpose is tied to our life’s work but if you believe that your passion is not related to your occupation, then think about hobbies, volunteer work or even a global issue that you are passionate about).


  1. Can you do what you would like to do? (Are you any good at it?)


  1. Are you passionate about what you would like to do?
    1. If not, what are you passionate about?


  1. What is your motivation for wanting to do what you want to do? (Earning more money or stability has nothing to do with passion).


  1. If you could do what you wanted to do and not get paid, would you still do it?


“There are two great days in a person’s life:  the day you were born and the day you discover why.”  John Maxwell.  Once you discover why you were born, you then can move towards reaching your potential.


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