Indecision is the inability to decide.

The Perfection Gap is a form of indecision and a mistaken belief that keeps people stuck despite a great desire for growth and change.  In fact, a person who has this type of belief desires success but primarily focuses on avoiding failure.


Most people who fall into this gap have extremely high standards that are hard to meet.

What are some signs of a perfection growth trap?

  • When dealing with growth or an opportunity to tackle a goal, this person has to have everything figured out before starting.
  • There is a strong desire to find the “best way” before starting on project, goal or venture.
  • There is a need to appear perfect to the public – For example, a perfectionist building a website for business would need every minor detail worked out before publishing the site. A “coming soon” message on a webpage would never do, so the website could not launch until everything was PERFECT!

Prospective authors are notorious for taking long delays before publishing a book project because the book has to be perfect, so they revise and revise and never are satisfied.

How do you get past the Perfection Gap?

  1. Face the fear of appearing imperfect head-on and weigh the desire of achieving your goal vs. the fear that holds you back. Then ask yourself which is greater – your faith in yourself and your ability to achieve your goal or the fear of looking a certain way?
  2. Remind yourself how badly you want to achieve your goal and then jump before you can think about it any further.
  3. Trust that the missing pieces or the elements that you did not have figured out before jumping often present themselves AFTER you put yourself out there. Many times they are only discovered because you started moving past yourself and started taping into other resources that you would have never discovered had you not moved past Go.

I recently jumped when I published my Facebook page for my speaking and training business.  I am a recovering “perfectionist” and I did not have all the page elements figured out when I published it and invited people to like it.  As a matter of fact, my page was empty but I knew that if I were to meet my overall goals, I had to start putting myself out on Facebook.  Time was the essence and I could not waste any of it while waiting for my page to be perfect.  So, I set up the basic information and went for it.  I was scared that people would judge me but shortly after I published it, that feeling went away and I have been adding to it ever since.

Ready to jump?



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