If you are committed to growth and becoming the best version on yourself, understanding why you were created is critical.

Just as a well-built house sits on a firm foundation, your purpose in life is the foundation that you stand on.  Your purpose is a building block for your beliefs and a basis for your actions.  It is your rudder for maintaining forward momentum and growth.


Knowing your purpose is the key to achieving your full potential in life.

It provides spiritual, mental, social and numerous other benefits.

Let’s look at some the beneficial elements of purpose:

Insight – purpose provides insight to your true nature and inner character.  It is the answer to why you exist at this moment in time.  It fulfills the sense of belonging and placement.  It makes you feel comfortable in your being, your uniqueness and identity.

Utility – purpose directs you to do the work that fills your heart.  It gives your clarity about your life’s work and divine assignment – the thing(s) that must be done by you.  This is not limited to occupation, it could be a volunteer work, your familial role, or being that right person at that right place, at the right time.  It is work that not only is your contribution to this world but gives you satisfaction and joy.  It is the work you do in the special way that only you can do it.

Aim – purpose gives you aim or direction to move towards your life’s vision.  It helps you to make intentional decisions in your daily activities and life.  It helps you to use the precious resource of time, wisely and productively.  You make sure that you are fruitful and what you do counts!

Confidence – purpose fosters confidence in doing the things that you were created to do.  It emboldens you to develop and master your gifts, talents and abilities.  You believe in yourself and your ability to carry out what you desire to accomplish in your own special way.  You do not waver in your gifting.  Purpose strengthens you.

Gratitude – purpose ushers in gratitude.  You are grateful to become the best version of yourself.  You are thankful to live in a full and rich way because you do things that matter in the lives of other people.  When operating in your purpose you experience tremendous love and compassion.  You open yourself and your heart to positively impact the world.

Legacy – when you live in your purpose, you leave behind your stamp on the world.  Those who come behind you know that you were here because your work will live on, long after you die.  You made a significant contribution that helped to change lives.  You just didn’t use up resources but you gave back. You carried out the task that you were created for.  You came into the world full of dreams, visions and ideas and you left empty but complete because you used them all and you shared them with the world, leaving it a better place.

Ready to firm up your foundation?


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