Sometimes I want to burst out in song, as if I were Little Orphan Annie, singing “It’s a hard-knock life for us, it’s a hard-knock life for us…” with the constant challenges to overcome and the non-stop obstacles that I jump over daily. I should have an Olympic gold medal for the 400 m hurdles.

But my hurdles are not little wooden fences lined up on a track, they are growing pangs and self-limiting beliefs in my mind that I must conquer as I journey towards fulfilling my life’s vision.

It is not always easy to keep a positive attitude all the time, especially when you are working to change your life for the better.


My main obstacle is doubt that shows up on those days when I feel like I have made little progress towards my dream, when it seems just as far off as the day that I started.

So how do you stay motivated and positive when the road is long and lonely?  How do you achieve a peace of mind when your breakthrough has not yet come?

Achieving peace is a choice, a matter of having the right mindset for the journey.  If your focus is on growth then maintaining a level of peace through the good and bad times is easier to do because you expect the challenges.  However, it is not always easy.

Here are three tips to help reset your mind to keep you focused and at peace while waiting for your breakthrough.


  1. Wear your traveling shoes. Promise yourself that giving up on your dream is not an option and settle in your mind that you are in it for the long haul.  Plan for a long journey and do not try to cut corners or look for quick fixes.  If you plan for a long walk, you will not grow weary when all you see is a long road ahead.  You will maintain a peace of mind because you planned for a long trip.


  1. Enjoy the journey – growth comes from the experiences that we gain along the way. Weight lifters go up to heavier weights when the weights that they have been working with are no longer a challenge.  So new obstacles are heavier weights and a chance to graduate to the next level.  Road blocks and detours are opportunities to grow strong in new areas that you have not experienced before.  You achieve peace by thinking of the obstacles as a new experience and as a challenge that will build new muscle.


  1. Accept that you are not in control – On this journey your job is to do your very best and leave the rest in faith’s hands. You are going to work REALLY hard and believe in yourself but you also accept that you can’t control anything outside of your body.  You can influence people but you can’t control what anyone does.  When you give up trying to control things beyond your scope and your AUTHORITY and when you release yourself from being responsible for the outcome of situations you can be at peace.  You will achieve peace because you are not putting yourself in a responsible role for things that you can’t do anything about.


“Without a struggle, there can be no progress.”   Frederick Douglass

Enjoy the journey!


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