Empowerment Speaker and Personal Development Trainer








What I believe…

I believe that everyone has a purpose and connecting to that purpose is connecting to God’s intention for our lives.  It is the vehicle that takes us to higher levels of our potential.

Simply, it is the reason why we are here.


My Passion…

My heart is for the people, like me, who have struggled with identity and purpose.  For people who have all the potential in the world but who are not living a life of significance.  For those who dream but struggle to manifest those dreams.  Who have gifting and talents but keep them in a box.  Who are called to make a difference in this world but stand frozen at the gate.

I have spent what seems like a life time searching for an answer to the question why… Why am I here?  Why was I created?  Why was I born?

There was a time when I almost drove myself to the brink of insanity trying to find my purpose.  Just surviving and taking up space was not good enough.  I felt like there had to be more in life and I wanted more.  I also wanted to do something significant.


My Mission…

My mission is to help you uncover God’s intention for your life and help you achieve the life that you want to live.  I want to illuminate the REAL YOU because you are so much more than you believe.  It is time to STOP living below your potential.  It is time to change your narrative.

You are a beautiful, wonderful, gifted and powerful.  Own it!

You are needed in this world to help make it a better place.  Do it!

You are unique and only you can do what you were made to do.   Live it!


Blessings Abound,